Crystal Healing

Crystals have the lowest natural vibration of all living things. They form the body of the Earth. We are made up of the same elements of the Earth and are not separate from it.

Crystals are polarised sunlight, which take many years to form; and we are now beginning to realise the potential of crystals to heighten the spiritual and physical aspects of our newly awakened awareness. I use crystals to clear negative energy from the body to bring about a perfect balance between mind, body, and spirit.

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  Colour Therapy

Colour therapy is a subtle non invasive therapy making use of the healing energy contained within the visible rays of colour. Colour therapists introduce the balance of the colour energies into the human or animal body to bring about the perfect balance between the mind body and spirit. When this balance occurs we are able to work towards perfect health. It is a complimentary therapy, which works well along side other therapies including sound and crystals.

Colour effects us in lots of ways including the colour of the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the colour which we decorate our homes. Some colours are calming while others are vitalising. We take in colour through our eyes and skin. We can also visualise colour in meditations to help calm the mind.

Colour is one of the purest healing forces in the universe; it is only now being rediscovered.

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Encaustic Art

Encaustic Art Readings are both creative and spiritual. A reading involves asking the client to select three or more coloured wax blocks that they feel comfortable with, from a selection laid out before them. The colours are melted together onto a hot iron, and then transferred to a piece of photographic paper and polished. Various shapes and images then develop on the surface, as we make contact with the spirit world, almost like clairvoyance in pictures. The colours chosen reflect a great deal into the reading, which has great ties with colour therapy.

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Spells by post

Spells made to order for a variety of things including healing, luck, success, love, confidence, problems at work, gentle breakup of a relationship and much more.
Please bear in mind that I can not wave a wand and sort your life out instantly but sometimes a bit of magick works wonders!

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Metamorphic Technique

What is it? The Metamorphic technique is unique in as much as it isn't a therapy or treatment. It can help people who are in times of difficulty through change in their lives, such as emotional troubles, change of career or bereavement. The technique is a gentle light touch on the feet hands and head. The practitioner provides a safe space for you to "just be" A session lasts usually one hour and the practitioner will not ask you to book any further appointments, this is up to you if you feel you need another. It's safe for everyone, the young, and the elderly and pregnant woman. Lyn is a member of the Metamorphic Association. MT

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Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is an energy therapy which works on the energy meridians of the body. It was developed by Gary Craig in USA and is in my opinion a therapy for 21st century. It can work on fears, phobias, food and drink cravings, emotional baggage from the past and even past lives. The theory behind EFT is that "The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system " which can cause problems in the physical body. By gently tapping on the energy meridians we can allow the body to release these emotions and help us to become balanced in mind body and spirit. Lyn is a member of the Association for the advancement of meridian therapies AAMT

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