Indian Head Massage

As the head is the centre of the nervous system; by massaging the head, all other parts of the body benefit. Many of the population in India still live in rural areas where tradition is passed down from generation to generation, however in big cities you can still see the Indian Head Massagers at work in the streets.

Indian Head Massage works on both the physical and psychological level, and can bring about a feeling of deep relaxation as well as being invigorating. Of the eight major Chakras in the body, three are on the head; the crown, the third eye or brow, and the throat. There are also 33 pressure points on the head. These are called Marmas and by massaging these points total relaxation can be reached.

Common complaints that can be helped with Indian Head Massage include:

Headaches Depression Skin Problems Sleep Disorders
Migraines Anxiety PMS Plus Many More
Stress Circulation Problems Digestion Problems  
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