No Bull***t

Lyn, a natural seer of spirit and a healer from birth, helps people who come to her in Somerset to develop their own spiritual gifts.

Drawing on her lifetime of experience as a gifted teacher, she devotes her time to this end. From No Bull***t a new book by Lyn Partrisge-Webberearly childhood, she has intuitively made herb medicine and healed animals. This is her second book which takes us through the many energy changes that we have been through as we journeyed into the new age of Aquarius, plus a chapter which is channeled directly from spirit through Wilma a trance medium and her guide Little Socks. There is also some easy exercises and meditations for you to try for yourself.

Excerpt from the new book:-

Things were never going to be the same again:-
The evening started much the same as any other Monday at circle, with a meditation. As soon as I closed my eyes, I became aware of my Native American guide, he was surrounded by many other Native American’s. One stepped forward as if acting as  a spokesperson, he told me he was Sitting Bull, a name I had heard many times but had no idea what he looked like before now. He told me that the earth was going to go through many changes in the next few years, and encouraged me to tell as many people as possible through modern media that these changes were coming. I asked what changes these were. Earth is fast approaching 21.12.2012 he said and before that, many people were needed to help to make these changes possible. He told me that these people had volunteered to be on earth during this important time, many had forgotten their mission and it was time for people to wake up and remember why they were here.

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