Sit Still and Listen

Lyn, a natural seer of spirit and a healer from birth, helps people who come to her in Somerset to develop their own spiritual gifts. Drawing on her lifetime of experience as a gifted teacher, she devotes her time to this end. From early childhood, she has intuitively made herb medicine and healed animals.

Often when people meet a medium, they think he or she can read their mind and know everything about them. This is so untrue - Others think mediums know the answer to all their problems, again this is untrue. We are just ordinary people having experience in this world to progress our soul - This is my journey.

Extract from the book:

"Later on that day we shared a taxi with a mother and daughter. I couldn’t stop looking at her. I have never seen so many people from the spirit world around a single person. She looked sad and haunted. We got talking,and she told me she was researching her family history.Without thinking, I blurted out, “Well you have certainly got plenty on the other side of life to help you.”

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